After losing parents, teen will sing at Sydney Opera House

Diamond Sparks knew her singing voice would take her to places across the Unites States.

But the Alabama School of Fine Arts student never thought it would take her halfway across the world to the Sydney Opera House in Australia. From July 7-12, she will be performing with other high-school aged singers from around the globe in the Honors Performance Series Choir. Sparks is excited for many things such as the breath-taking scenery of Australia’s landscape. She can’t wait to hear the voices of people of different countries mesh together to create a harmonious masterpiece.

Before all of that, she must overcome two obstacles. One of them is financial and the other deals with flying. Sparks is trying to fundraise the $6,000 needed for travel, food and other expenses. As of May 12, $25 has been donated to her cause since she created a GoFundMe account in December. A Birmingham civic group called the Couples Club has donated $1,000 to her trip. Although she has flown once before, boarding an international flight seems like a daunting task since she is making the trip by herself.

But she’ll be OK, she said. Sparks has overcome a lot during her 16 years of life. It took her two tries to earn her spot ASFA for music and voice. She is now finishing her third year. Her father lost his battle to liver cancer in 2011. About five years later, Sparks’ mother died of congestive heart failure.

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