A Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to the GDPR” on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Achieving compliance with GDPR will continue to be a moving target as we approach 2018. Our goal is to clear up common GDPR fallacies and empower marketing teams to strengthen their brand by embracing data protection across their organization.

KickFire®, the leader in IP address intelligence and company identification technology, and Openprise, the premier provider of B2B data orchestration solutions, announced today that they will host a joint webinar titled, “GDPHuh?: A Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to the GDPR,” on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST.

Co-presented by Ed King, Founder & CEO of Openprise, and Maggie Taylor Aherne, Director of Operations at KickFire, this webinar will offer marketers useful General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance details and action-plan checklists.

GDPR, the latest data protection law from the EU, is intended to strengthen and regulate the collection, storage, transfer, and use of personal data for all EU citizens. As the GDPR compliance date approaches, it is vital for companies to understand the key issues surrounding data protection and be able to demonstrate compliance by May 25, 2018.

“GDPR will be enforceable in just six months. The runway is literally disappearing,” says Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise. “While it’s tempting to procrastinate as the task seems daunting, don’t wait! Dial into this webinar to understand the tangible steps you can take to become compliant.”

During this webinar, the panelists will explain and simplify:

  • What is the GDPR and why does it matter?
  • Common GDPR misconceptions and truths
  • Essential timelines and checklists for marketers to gain compliance

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