6 Things Texas Roadhouse Employees Want You To Know Before Eating There

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If you’re a Texas Roadhouse superfan, get a load of this: We scoured the web for everything the restaurant’s employees have said – the best cuts of meat, how they’re tricking you into ordering more, and the best day to come for dinner. Here’s everything they’re not telling you to your face.

All of the food is actually cooked to order.

A lot of fast-casual restaurants have come under fire for precooking their food, freezing it, then reheating it for diners. One Reddit user put it simply – “TL; DR no, we don’t serve you guys microwave dinners.” – then elaborated: “We cook and serve almost everything we make for that day, and if there are leftovers, they’re wrapped in butcher paper, stored in airtight-ish containers, double wrapped in cellophane, and stored back in the freezer. Nothing is cooked unless it is being served.”

There’s a meat hierarchy.

You’ll want to order accordingly. “The steaks would be the highest grade, then the leftovers from them are used for the kabobs and Dillo bites, and anything else is used to make chili,” wrote Reddit user NotAJewFro.

There are only three days you probably won’t encounter a line.

If you want to walk in, sit down, and eat, your best bet is coming to Texas Roadhouse on a Monday, Tuesday, or Sunday, according to Reddit user dannyjayvee. “Wednesdays are always packed because of our WildWest Wednesday special.” (For the unfamiliar out there, the special includes an 8-ounce sirloin steak and two sides for $9.99.)

Employees use psychology to influence your order.

“Management clearly bases my value on how much I up-sell, so they’re constantly trying to get me to improve,” says Reddit user srdnisnw. Up-selling means convincing you to get things like cheese and bacon on the baked potato you just ordered, or adding mushrooms and onions to your steak. “I ask […] while nodding, upward inflection, yada yada,” srdnisnw added.

Bread is always baking in the kitchen.

Since it’s given out to every table, the cooks at Texas Roadhouse have…

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