5 garden tips for this week, Nov. 18-24 – Orange County Register

Looking for something to do in the garden? Here are five things to get you started:

1. Citrus tree care

Citrus trees need continuous soil moisture as the fruits ripen, so be careful to continue irrigating them as necessary. And if you haven’t done so yet, give your trees a proper dose of “Grow More Citrus Grower Blend” or “Tru-Green Citrus Growers Mix,” available at many garden centers and home improvement stores. It will dramatically increase the sweetness of your fruit.

2. Prepare for winds

We often get some very windy days around Thanksgiving here in Southern California. If you haven’t already done so and your trees have dense growth, you would be wise now to prune off some of the branches now, so the wind can pass through instead of breaking them off.

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