2 Million New Hires Needed

Lucas Group

The future of American manufacturing is far more promising than most Americans realize.

Lucas Group, the leader in North American executive search, announced the publication of its newest white paper,“How to Hire Next Gen Manufacturing Industry Talent”, authored by San Diego, CA-based Managing Partner Jennifer Bowers.

The white paper addresses the manufacturing industry’s crippling talent shortage. Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute estimate that more than 3.4 million positions will need to be filled by 2025. Yet 2 million positions are projected to remain open due to the shortfall.

In her white paper, Bowers says this talent shortage is due to three main factors: negative industry perception, an ongoing generational workforce shift, and the changing nature of skilled work.

“The future of American manufacturing is far more promising than most Americans realize,” says Bowers. “Technology-driven efficiencies have reduced hiring in some areas but added jobs in others, including jobs that are higher paying with better career trajectories. To keep pace, these advances require a more skilled labor force, including highly skilled managers, which are difficult to find.”

Manufacturers may be making the recruitment process even more challenging due to highly-specific credential and certification requirements that overlook a prospective hire’s potential as an innovative leader.

“A narrow recruitment focus does companies a disservice,” cautions Bowers. “Without even realizing it, hiring managers may be overlooking the very candidates they need to drive innovation and guide companies through dynamic market shifts and technology transformations. The NextGen talent is out there– it’s just…

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